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  • A Walk Between Moments of Rainfall

    A Walk Between Moments of Rainfall

    Today I woke early, shopped, studied German, read the news and then studied WordPress Child themes. It rained on and off, and I took a break from studying to go for a walk and I stayed dry almost the entire time. I carried a Sea to Summit three litre bag with me, in case I […]

  • Increase your surfing speed

    Is your internet connection slow, do pages take a long time to load, do you visit certain sites more than others? If your answer to any of these is yes then I suggest that you download Netsonic, a program I have tested which works well, since I’ve installed it my browsing is much faster. At […]

  • The importance of a good title

    Today everyone seems to be using the web either by getting e-mail addresses at places such as Rocketmail, Hotmail, Altavista or getting webpages from places such as Tripod, The Globe, Xoom and Geocities. The use of the web has increased at an incredible speed, within the school as well as outside. It is precisely because […]