Month: July 2016

  • A satirical look at music festivals as a form of psychological torture

    When we’re 14-28 years old the idea of going to a music festival to see the artists we spend our free time listening to is fantastic. Imagine all that drinking, that mud, that food, those opportunities to seduce and best of all that ambiance. The prospect of going to a music festival is so appealing […]

  • Climbing Photography – for when other routes are too wet.

    Climbing Photography – for when other routes are too wet.

    I have been climbing outdoors for five to six years and during this time I have enjoyed both climbing photography and taking video. The two biggest challenges I face are how to keep myself in place and how to be confident that I will stay where I am. This requires trusting the climbing harness, the […]

  • Paléo Trafic – enjoying the view from La Barillette.

    Pal̩o Trafic Рenjoying the view from La Barillette.

    Most people think of the concerts, the food, the alcohol and the social aspects of Paléo Festival. If you are one of the collaborateurs (sounds Cold Warish doesn’t it?) then Paléo is about sleep deprivation, roasting in a tent, sleeping under trees, eating with others and occasionally doing the task that you are collaborating on. […]

  • Rock Climbing and live distribution

    Rock Climbing and live distribution

    Live distribution of sports such as Rugby, Football, Tennis, Skiing and other sports is easy to justify because of the audience size. Rock climbing and live distribution of this sport however is harder to justify because it is a niche sport. Sponsors exist and interest in the sport is growing. We see that there are […]

  • Moléson Via Ferrata by night

    The Moléson Via Ferrata by night event is organised for the 13th of August 2016. This is an event that I have been tempted to do for several years. The principal is simple. You wear the usual via ferrata equipment with the exception of a torch. You have to contact the Moléson tourism board either […]

  • A Nonverbal Autism Video Interview

    I saw Horyou share a link to Speechless with Carly Fleischmann. This is a Nonverbal Autism Video Interview carried out via typed words on a tablet.  The text is read out electronically. The interview is warm and convivial. It stands out because it does not use a fast talking or energetic host. The interviewer does not talk, in the […]

  • VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses

    The VR Shinecon Virtual Reality glasses provide a low cost opportunity for people to experience Virtual Reality content and immersive videos with their existing phone rather than investing hundreds in a new phone and VR headset. it can fit phones from 4 to 6 inches easily. The front panel opens to accommodate a diversity of phones and […]

  • Finding the Vibrant Swiss Pokemon Go community.

    Pokemon Go has been available in Switzerland officially since yesterday but people have been playing the game for longer than this. Some have achieved level 20 and above. There is a vibrant Swiss Pokemon Go community in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Pokemon Go Switzerland is one place where French speaking players can unite. One […]

  • Appreciating the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Villars

    Appreciating the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Villars

    Climbing is a sport that I have enjoyed for most of my life. As a child I would climb on to roofs, on climbing frames and up trees. Occasionally I would climb on rocks but as I had no safety equipment I was limited. Five or six years ago I went climbing with some people […]

  • Cycling Trip to Lausanne and Back

    Cycling Trip to Lausanne and Back

    When I set off on my cycling trip to Lausanne and back I thought that the strong wind would force me to turn around and that I would abort the attempt by the time I got to Rolle or Morges. As I continued cycling I fought the wind and I made slow progress. When I […]