Month: April 2008

  • Seesmic video comments now available here

    For anyone that’s using seesmic it’s now possible for you to leave video comments on this blog. It should be an interesting way for people to participate.

  • I am 25,000 tweets old

    Half the amount of tweets from a few months ago and far less than was my habit until now. This should be the normal twitter amount from now on. Don’t have as much free time for the social media anymore.

  • Flickr users and video

    Isn’t it amusing to see what you can find on flickr video? Now to add some music and get a laugh out of people.

  • Interbine – Free your Mobile video – delivery via Wifi…

    is an automated service that grabs videos from RSS feeds and converts them to 3gpp for easy download to the N95 and other mobile phones running the s60 OS. There are a number of default shows including MobuzzTV, Zefrank, National Geographic, DiggNation, Rocketboom and a number of other well known shows. In the right hand […]

  • A Vertovian Reality

    Look up Dziga Vertov and his ideas, then look at this video. Thinking of the documentary makers and their discussion about catching life unawares, getting real life to happen without the person knowing. It’s the creative treatment of actuality. That’s more Griersonian (if I remember right). Everyone has a camera on them and certain of […]

  • Playing with overlay tv

    I’m just playing with overlays to see how they work. Move the mouse over the video and see three products appear.

  • 940 Kilobytes per second

    That’s always pleasant to see, nice download speed via wifi on an adsl connection in the swiss countryside. Meanwhile in a “Virgin media” part of the world someone mentioned a 2KB a second connection. Such is the online lifestyle.

  • Mobile web apps and data transfer; Jaiku and twitter

    So I disagree that The Mobile Web is dead. For many of us it is just coming alive. Given the speed at which these devices are evolving and price dropping, I don’t think it’s worth people’s time to build sofware that optimizes the experience. Rather, they should use their expertise to build exciting new applications […]

  • Twitter down, massive surge in users recently

    For all those that thought twitter was finally a reliable service with a crappy api there is some sad news. Due to a massive increase in the number of users (according to a number of sources) twitter is once again providing a truly rubbish service. We’ll see how long they’re going to be unreliable this […]

  • Twitter as a way of life

    Twitter is not a social network, rather it’s a way of life. The more you use Twitter the further it gets into your way of life. It allows you to follow current affairs, geek out about social media and keep in touch with friends that uses the social network. What’s more it’s a network that […]