Which do you take to bed, laptop, mobile phone, both or other

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We’re living in a permantly more wired world and our conversations are no longer reserved to the workplace, bar or ski slope. As a result electronic devices are making their way into the bedroom more and more frequently. How many of you are on twitter. Is twitter the first person you say good morning to. Are you a Seesmic morning person or a seesmic goodnight person.

Here are the answers I got within a few minutes.

melissah melissah @warzabidul Laptop for me.

Rupert ruperthowe @warzabidul if i take a laptop to bed, i get threatened with a red card. phone just feels a bit creepy. so i just stay up through the night.

Documentally Podcast Documentally @warzabidul i am more a book/notebook and ipod touch in bed man.

sizemore sizemore @warzabidul: Every night I take to bed with me a girl, a laptop, an archos, a book and occasionally a cat. I don’t get much sleep. 

Maggie MaggieConv @warzabidul I take both!

Neil Simmons dungeekin @warzabidul: laptop/WiFi devices don’t go upstairs with me. Phone does, but only as an alarm clock.

So if you thought you were the only one taking your laptop, ipod touch or mobile phone you’re not the only one. There are many of us doing the same.


3 responses to “Which do you take to bed, laptop, mobile phone, both or other”

  1. rafiq avatar

    Mobile phone… Google reader, Yeigo, Facebook, Twitter, MXit, Gmail

  2. David Fisher avatar

    I normally have:

    -Cat, large and fierce
    -Macbook Pro

    There’s also an unused Treo 650 within reach. Then again, everything’s within reach of the bed in my apartment…

    I know I sleep better actually when the laptop isn’t near the bed however.

  3. plasticsnow avatar

    Laptop lives by the side of my bed, mobile phone wakes me up in the morning and then I summon the engery to get up by checking my email and overnight Twitters on my Blackberry

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