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  • To Maggie and Chris I dedicate my 600th Blog Post

    To Maggie and Chris I dedicate this, my 600th blog post as you are now in Florida, engaged and planning the rest of your life together. We have exchanged hundreds of messages over the past year and it’s been fun. Now the dynamics have progressed and in so doing why not mark the occasion 🙂 […]

  • 15,000 tweets and still going strong

    I was going to dedicate my 15,000th tweet to Maggieconv, AmandaGravel, Starrgazr, Shanzan and a few other twitter friends but Shanzan won the price. She said goodnight and as a result my 15,000th tweet was dedicated to her. If you’ve got any questions about how to use twitter just let me know and I should […]

  • Which do you take to bed, laptop, mobile phone, both or other

    We’re living in a permantly more wired world and our conversations are no longer reserved to the workplace, bar or ski slope. As a result electronic devices are making their way into the bedroom more and more frequently. How many of you are on twitter. Is twitter the first person you say good morning to. […]