The Arches

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If you are looking for a sport easy walk with a little scrambling, walk to the rock arches. Two holes have been eroded into the rock providing two natural arches.

You can walk up to both arches but it’s better to go on a quiet day. This place is not a good place for big groups. Children could enjoy the opportunity to see geography in action. Children should be supervised on this walk, especially along two sections of the path, and at the arch itself.

Arch context

This is the type of vegetation you will see. Some orchards, some pine trees, vineyards and more.

A backlit cobweb

When we drove there I noticed that the spider webs were backlit by the sun so I tried to capture at least one. This is a good time of day for a walk because spiders, or at least their webs, are more visible.

Flowers growing on the path

Despite the possibility of being trodden some flowers did manage to grow out of the path.



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