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  • High Winds And A Skipped Walk

    High Winds And A Skipped Walk

    There is a cold wind blowing today so I skipped my daily walk. I can dress for the weather and I am usually fine. Today I simply decided to miss my daily walk. I believe that walking whatever the weather, whatever the wind, and whatever the precipitation is good. I also believe that it fatigues […]

  • Zero Minutes Per Week on Facebook

    Zero Minutes Per Week on Facebook

    I noticed that Facebook has a way of letting you know how badly you are addicted to their website. In the process I learned that I spent zero minutes on their website this week, and one minute last week. I do not spend time on their website because it fails to provide me with a […]

  • How To Block Twitter and Facebook Using The Hosts File On A Mac.

    If we’re not learning every day then we’re wasting our time. If we’re not up to mischief every day then we’re likely to become unhappy. In light of both of these things let me give you a quick tip for blocking Twitter and Facebook. My motivation for doing this is the following. Twitter doesn’t trust […]

  • The Roman Civilisation On Twitter

    The Roman Civilisation is being tweeted about on Twitter. There are accounts that tweet about ongoing archeological digs, museum opening times and more. They also share images and videos, providing people with a visual way of learning about the Romans. One of these twitter accounts is Roman Britain. They tweet original content as well as […]

  • Of Twitter Threads (mice) and Blog Posts (Humans).

    With the sentence “Of Twitter threads (Mice) and Blog Posts (Humans)” you’ll see that I’ve done two things. The first is that I’ve modernised a well-known book title to draw parallels with the practices of writing Twitter threads and blog posts. People write twitter threads because they think that it’s fast, convenient, will draw an […]

  • Keeping Twitter Private

    Twitter has three options. You can tweet to the world without barriers and anyone can read and respond. This is great when you want to grow your network and have conversations. The second option is to send DMs to specific individuals or groups (if I remember correctly). The third option is to make your account […]

  • Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter threads and blogging are both free but whereas with one you need to click to read the continuation and it’s hard to print the other is self contained and easily shareable. I see twitter threads, that as twitter threads are a waste of time on a conversational channel but would be ideal for a […]

  • IFTTT – Instagram to Twitter

    IFTTT – Instagram to Twitter

    Instagram is still a healthy social network. It still finds an engaged group of users who want to share their adventures, meals, friendships and more with other users. Some of them love sharing selfies and others share beautiful landscapes. This keeps the network vibrant and young. Twitter on the other hand has neutralised peoples’ passion […]

  • Reactions – What if Twitter died

    You can tell when someone joins a social network by what they think the network is for. I joined twitter in 2006. No one knew what the network was best at, eventually everyone decided to use it as a conversation tool. When people understood how dynamic conversations could be the network grew. The author of […]

  • is twitter changing your blogging habits? – A 2008 response

    Yes and no. Twitter is replacing instant messaging and chatrooms. It’s an open method by which for people to communicate instantly with others. It’s also about the overheard conversation although that term has disappeared. What does “overheard” mean? Well simply that whenever two people discuss a topic hundreds of people are following this conversation and […]