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Jaiku is back up and running and I have unlimited invites

Jaiku is up and running once more, from the google servers and it’s faster. It’s also lost no features. In fact it’s gained one thing which will make some you happy. All those who already have unlimited invites so if you’re interested in trying Jaiku from it’s servers, send me a message by e-mail or… Read More »

Jaiku is moving to the Google App engine

Jaiku is about as old as twitter but rather than expand and get two million users it was bought by google some months ago. This weekend the service has been unavailable and the reason for this is that they’re moving from the old finnish server to the google App engine. Pat pointed me to this… Read More »

Friendfeed and Jaiku

There’s so much hype about friendfeed because of it’s features but that’s something jaiku has been doing for months and months now. It’s a shame that silicon valley doesn’t look beyond their borders. Shame the hype is almost always around that part of the world. The more I use jaiku the more I enjoy it.… Read More »

A typical Jaiku thread

For any of those that have never used Jaiku before here is a typical conversation from the users. They’re all interested in mobile phones and what they can do. It’s a nice change from twitter’s web 2.0 and social media slant.

There Are Two Parts To The World Wide Web

the future of the web the search engine was the king, now it’s social networking. People had their own home page, now it’s grown to their own website. The blog was grown and grown, replacing webrings to be developed For several years the search engine was king. This was the place where everyone went to… Read More »