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  • Seesmic video and HTML 5

    Remember the video version of seesmic, the one that spawned.the francofous? Things changed for two reasons. Bandwidth issues and ressources. Flash would suck down the laptop battery within a few minutes. It meant that you could.only Seesmic from a fixed position. With html5 that problem will dissapear. What I look forward to is an HTML […]

  • The Social media Misnomer

    This morning I spent three hours chatting to people in Australia, Sweden and France via both twitter and plurk and it felt great and the reason for this is that it was personal. We hear so much and read even more about the social media and the social web but there is one fundamental flaw […]

  • The Francofous like to migrate

    The Francofous are part of the seesmic community and can be differentiated by their ability to speak french and their avatars. Originally formed around Seesmic and twitter they are now migrating to both plurk and phreadz, two services I have talked about in the past. What is nice about this community is that it’s a […]

  • Paris Seesmeetup – Once again 🙂

    This weekend I’ll be in Paris for another seesmeetup, an opportunity for French speakers to meet in person after getting to know each other online. They’re good fun. Seesmeet’up a PARIS le samedi 6? See some of you there

  • La Lipdub des Francofous après la meetup lausannoise.

    Merçi au francofous qui sont venu. On s’est bien amuser ce weekend. Voila ce que font les seesmiceurs quand ils s’y mettent 🙂

  • The Francofous Seesmic Skype call

    There are two communities on Seesmic, those that are English speakers and those that are French speakers. The French speaking seesmicers can be recognized by two things. The first one is the Racoon avatar, the second is that they refer to each other as the Francofous, the crazy french. Last night Seesmic went down due […]