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Glacier Exit – A short documentary showing a glacier’s retreat

Screen grab from Glacier Exit

Screen grab from Glacier Exit

Originally they meant to go out to have an adventure. They interviewed an individual about how the glacier’s rate of retreat has been increasing over the years. “I used to come here with a snow plow. Now I need a lawnmower”. 

Global warming is visible around the world. Rockfalls have made hiking dangerous. There have been rockfalls at “Les Cosmiques” as well as along one of the routes I walked last year near Zermatt. 

There are so many images of how glaciers used to look and how they look now. What was under hundreds of metres of ice is now supporting mature trees. 

In the documentary above I like the point where you see markers to see how far the glacier has retreated. It would have been better if they had marked the points with the years on a map, so that we could see how fast melt is increasing. 

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