Indoor Training With The Elite Qubo Fluid

The Elite Qubo fluid is a home trainer using a viscous fluid to provide resistance when you’re cycling with your road bike indoors. It is easy to assemble and within minutes you can start using it. 

These devices cost less than apartment bikes and allow you to train with your existing bike within the comfort of your own home or garage over the winter months when wind, rain or snow would make cycling outdoors less practical. 

They also have the advantage that they’re cheaper than a gym membership and more flexible. My issue with gym memberships is that if you spent an equivalent amount of money you could buy some nice machines and keep them at home. With the equivalent of two years of gym membership you could buy an elliptical machine and use it from the comfort of your own home. 

I tested it twice today. The first time I tested it on the balcony for a few minutes just to get a feel for it and then I moved it and the bike indoors and trained for 23 minutes. 

With such a device you vary the intensity of the resistance by pedalling faster but also by changing gears. If you want more resistance you can shift up a gear or two and if you want to recover you can shift back down. This provides you with the intensity that you want. 

After the 23 minute workout I touched the radiator unit and it was very warm to the touch. I didn’t see how long it takes to cool down. When you are done with the workout you can remove the bike in seconds, fold away the trainer and store it out of the way until the next time you use it. 

If I setup the cateye device on the bike I am currently using I could log the distance and cadence of my training and observe the progression as well as get an estimate of the simulated distance I am riding. 

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