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  • A Quiet Pebble Beach

    A Quiet Pebble Beach

  • A Walk In The Snow

    A Walk In The Snow

    Today I went for a walk in the snow. It wasn’t snowing and I wasn’t in a blizzard but there was snow on the ground. I like when it snows because the landscape looks different. It reminds us of a different age, of old post cards, and a time when the planet was cooler. The […]

  • Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    The weather was finally dynamic today. The storm warnings were flashing towards Hermance, on the French side of the lake. This gave a nice contrast between the yellow of the Colza fields and the dark threatening clouds behind. At moments I thought that rain would begin to fall but luckily the doppler radar, and my […]

  • Confined by Freedom

    Confined by Freedom

    Some of us are confined by freedom. By this I mean that as society is opened up, as people are told that they don’t need to wear masks, that they don’t need to self-isolate and that they don’t need to show covid passes, so the freedom of others is taken away. During a pandemic there […]

  • Frozen Fountain Water

    Frozen Fountain Water

    Although the name of this blog post is bizarre it is inspired by the site of a fountain with a big block of ice, serving as a mirror to the tree, and sun, in front of me. The weather is still nicer, more springlike than it has been. More people are out on bikes cycling […]

  • Spring And Self Isolation

    Spring And Self Isolation

    Today I went for a walk and it felt warm enough for me to skip on wearing a layer. It was warm, around six degrees, and sunny. It felt like Spring, and it feels as though cycling could almost be considered. The cycling season is nice. I speak about cycling because I think that this […]

  • A Walk in The Swiss Sun

    A Walk in The Swiss Sun

    Yesterday I read that we will have sun for at least a few more weeks due to a high pressure system over this part of Europe and this afternoon I read that it is snowing in Greece. Normally, out of pandemic I would love sunny days because it would mean climbing, cycling, hiking and more. […]

  • A Walk By The Léman

    A Walk By The Léman

    Today I walked down from a village towards the Léman and passed by the UEFA headquarters and football fields before walking by the car Park to the Colovrey Swimming pool. There were very few people, except a few cyclists. The road was good. I went down to the water and took two or three pictures […]

  • A Third of Green Travel

    I am surprised by thirty two cities. Did I drive through them or walk through them? A quarter of my travel was green.

  • A Cold Walk In The Wind

    A Cold Walk In The Wind

    Today I went for a cold walk in the wind. The wind was blowing from west to East so for at least half of the walk I had it in my face. This was a good day to wear a cagoule and to wear the face mask, even when people were not around. The windchill […]