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To note that they are amp compliant

Tomorrow I’m back in London

Yesterday I made a phone call after writing an e-mail to see about getting cheaper accomodation through one method and it went well. I’m going to be back in London tomorrow, once I’ve finished packing all my stuff into a suitcase. It’s the usual good and bad. It’s good because although I’m leaving my skills… Read More »


I’ve been to a few vernissage but they don’t usually include videos, computer games and flash animations. I saw a vernissage on six floors which included all of these things.  The idea is interesting, how to include the various media and make something practical. It’s a shame most of the people weren’t there to present… Read More »

The FIBA 2006 is over

The FIBA 2006 is over and yesterday was the day where I recuperated by sitting in the sun in the morning and editing a short video clip in the afternoon. Both were nice occupations to unwind from the past three weeks. it’s been fun and all that remains from this work is a highlights tape… Read More »

Night shift

The games are starting at 10am Tokyo time but 3am Geneva time and it’s amusing getting to work. Yesterday was really tiring as I’d been woken by workers at 7am. So far we’ve seen about 40 matches and Italy’s defeat was a shame. We only have one match at a time but four of them… Read More »


As I arrived home today, after a slightly more relaxed day I found that two tapes had arrived in the post. It’s the ones from the final fling. I still need to go through them and find usable footage. I’m going to be editing that over the next two or three days, depending on what… Read More »

second day

The first day was a long one with twelve matches recorded. Four matches at a time three times with an offset of half an hour between starting times in pairs. It’s amazing how many time breaks there are in this sport. Work continued on the Lebanon edit I’m working on. Related links: Photos from the… Read More »