The importance of a good title

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Today everyone seems to be using the web either by getting e-mail addresses at places such as Rocketmail, Hotmail, Altavista or getting webpages from places such as Tripod, The Globe, Xoom and Geocities. The use of the web has increased at an incredible speed, within the school as well as outside.

It is precisely because of this evolution in technology that the school’s electronic magazine should remain with it’s name Kaleidoscope rather than changing to ContactContact is the old newspaper’s title which to me suggests isolation and reminds me of last year’s committee and those before because they didn’t do much in the field of web mastering. I am to change that which is the reason for which I am spending so much time on it, to establish it outside the school too, not only within.

Kaleidoscope on the other hand suggests tons of information  flowing into one place where people come to read new articles written by younger students as well as the older ones, after all why should we have the same title for so many years, especially when this website is blossoming into something great.

Conclusively the motivation of the person working on the website is simultaneously increased if he is interested in the title, try it out to see how valid it is.      

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