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  • Climbing to La Barillette

    Climbing to La Barillette

    The first time I climbed up to La Barillette on a bike it took me two and a half hours. This time it took one hour and sixteen minutes. I was going so slowly that I had to work to keep the bike upright. Since then I have gone from a mountain bike with tyres […]

  • An 80km bike ride to Echandens and back

    An 80km bike ride to Echandens and back

    During a recent walk I noticed that I could hear birds chirping, that the sun was shining and that spring seemed to be booting up. The weather held until Saturday so the conditions were ideal for a nice bike ride. The ride started at around 0840, with frost on the ground and an Outdoor Air […]

  • Tour de Zwift 2019 complete

    Tour de Zwift 2019 complete

    This morning I completed Stage 9 of the Tour de Zwift. I have now finished the challenge. In the process I went from riding on the shorter events during the first stages to taking the long options for at least the last two stages. A slow start before ramping up. I don’t start the stage […]

  • How to use an Activity Tracker when Cycling

    How to use an Activity Tracker when Cycling

    Activity trackers are designed for walking, running, canoeing and activities where you move your arms. Cycling is not one of those sports. Unless you’re cycling on a specialist bike that has handles you’ll be using your legs and your upper body will move very little. I have a workaround. My workaround is to put the […]

  • Sprinting Towards A Maillot Vert

    Sprinting Towards A Maillot Vert

    The Seventh stage of the Tour De Zwift was Innsbruck, a course that some people can do in about 388 minutes. It takes me around 54 minutes. As I have not ridden this course frequently enough I decided to try to keep up with others and that meant a 20 minute best of 197 watts. […]

  • Alpe De Zwift in 57 Minutes And 10 Seconds.

    Alpe De Zwift in 57 Minutes And 10 Seconds.

    I have ascended the Alpe de Zwift 5 times since i started using Zwift. My first climb took about one and a half hours, and then about one hour and sixteen minutes and finally just 57 minutes. I managed to get down to 57 minutes because I participated in Stage 6 of the Tour De […]

  • Tour de Zwift – Over Half Way Through

    The 2019 Tour de Zwift event is a 9 event cycling event on Zwift. it takes you on nine different routes across five worlds with hundreds, and in some case more than 2000 participants at a time. Zwift Tour description “…the Tour is a celebration of Zwift and the worlds within. You’ll experience the best […]

  • Cycling in Spain

    Cycling in Spain

     When people think of cycling in Spain they think of the seaside and they think of the coast. They think of long flat roads and short climbs. I made the mistake of thinking that so when I arrived in Spain I went cycling but every direction I tried involved climbing steep gradients. The first ride […]

  • A two Jersey cycling event and then too tired to climb.

    A two Jersey cycling event and then too tired to climb.

    Yesterday I had a morning ride because I wanted to participate in the Tour de Zwift event. Yesterday the track was London and I was riding slowly for the first half, conserving energy. Eventually, when I got warmed up I started to ride harder and harder until I was overtaking quite a few other cyclists. […]

  • The Zwift Everest Challenge

    The Zwift Everest Challenge

    This summer I climbed over 8848 metres in a single month and now I have just completed the Zwift Everest challenge as well. This challenge, on Zwift, is much easier than in the real world because you are not carrying water, the weight of your bike, dealing with keeping yourself balanced on your bike or […]