Geneva Tweetup during the LIFT09 Conference – Who’s Interested?

Geneva Tweetup during the LIFT09 Conference – Who’s Interested?

One of my biggest frustrations at the moment as a user of twitter is that I can’t meet with the people I chat with on a regular basis. As a result of this I am trying to find as many Geneva based twitter users as possible to organise a tweetup.

There are two options, the first is to do it at the same time as twestival but that is one event that I personally want to have nothing to do with. I was disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm that people at that event had for twitter. As a result I would prefer not to repeat that experience.

What has been suggested by Sandrine is a tweetup at the same time as the LIFT09 conference is taking place in Geneva.

For those that are not familiar with LIFT09:

Lift09 (Geneva, 25-27 Feb. 09) will look back to look ahead, exploring topics like change, solidarity, love, or design, during three days of intense networking and inspiration themed around a simple question: “Where did the future go?”

This means that quite a number of the social media scene, innovators and more should be present. As a result it will be more practical for those living in other cities.

At the same time Geneva is an international city. From the airport down to the Palais Wilson on one side and the UN plage on the other you have a multitude of International organisations. It would be an interesting opportunity to see how the International community could use and take advantage of such a simple yet ubiquitous form of communication.

Geneva based twitter users.

If you’re interested in this event just leave a comment below with your twitter username and let’s see what we can organise. You may also want to join the Switzerland tweetup group on facebook

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