Counting follower mass by absolute tweet number

Counting follower mass by absolute tweet number

Dear developers,

As the number of people on twitter increases and as people get into the thousands of followers I would like to demonstrate that those thousands of followers does not amount to much. Instead I would like to count follower mass by the absolute number of each follower, added to the number of followers.

In other words if you have ten followers with ten tweets the number would be 100. If you have 1 follower with a thousand tweets then the value would be a thousand. If you have five followers each with five thousand tweets then that would give 25,000 as a value.

The point of this application would be to demonstrate that your follower mass may not be as great as you excepcted it to be. The more active your followers the higher your value on this scale.

If you develop this application let me know 🙂 I’d love to use it.

2 thoughts on “Counting follower mass by absolute tweet number

  1. ooohhh I like this idea! Sounds good. Its time we got some more interesting metrics for twitter and move away from the ol' 'how many followers have you got' mindset. Maybe it could delve deeper into twitter conversations by looking at replies and RTs as well.

  2. What makes this idea interesting is that those that attract twitter users get a higher rating :-). Scoble would still do well in this model. Others would do better.

    There are a few tweeks I think should be added once the app is working.

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