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  • The SMS application – Facebook

    I feel absolutely no need for a free SMS application when I have something as powerful as twitter. If more people would use it then I would have a lot more IRL friends following my moves. As things are the idea of sending short messages to just one or two individuals at a time seems […]

  • 17 After the Event- Carrying the Conversation Forward

    There are two key events I have been to since the beginning of summer. These are PodcampUK and the Twitter Meetup. Both of these events have been followed up by a continuing collaboration between participants. The first event was the London twitter meetup. I went there knowing just two participants, Sizemore and Jess. Over the […]

  • 59 Twitter is Too Simple- Twitter is Just Right

    Twitter is one of those things that’s really hard to explain due to it’s sheer simplicity. It’s a website that allows you to answer the “what are you doing question”. That is the initial phase. When you’re new to twitter you’ll be confused because you know no one therefore the codes and conventions are blurred. […]

  • Yet another episode. Twittervox 4

    Yet another episode of twittervox was recorded today at the new time of 1pm British summertime whilst outside the weather is more autumnal. Nik Butler of h and I discussed the new media landscape and how social networks in the real and virtual world were interacting together. Loudmouthman focussed his attention on social media networks […]

  • Friendships and twitter

    As I left the University halls for the last time so it signalled the beginning of a new era in my life. No longer would I go to the student bar or the editing suites to chat with friends and see what they were doing. Now it was time to move to another part of […]

  • As featured on Operator 11

    After a long but great day of work I came home to do The Twitter Vox show with Loudmouthman and two guests. We were joined by Goldie Katsu and Malburns. We discussed what it’s like to reach 3000 tweets and the conversation moved towards the advantages of using twitter when part of global communities like […]

  • Ijustine and the Fake Steve Jobs

    The fake Steve Jobs linked to this video before writing a short commentary.  “Phone Bill Girl and one of her fellow Ph.D. candidates are discussing the work of Roland Barthes and narrative theory in the context of Derrida and Chomsky, with a deftly handled digression into the recurring sexism of Norman Mailer’s work” I have […]

  • Twitter Vox was a success

    Tonight I did my first proper live program on Operator 11 and it went really well. The participants for this show were Loudmouthman of, Phil Campbell of and Rotjong of Lowlands 2007 mashup. We discussed the twitter meetup but quickly moved onto a variety of subjects. The conversation begins after a few seconds […]

  • McLuhan’s Thoughts And How They May Relate To Twitter

    “The simultaneity of electric communication, also characteristic of our nervous system, makes each of us present and accessible to every other person in the world. To a large degree, our co-presence everywhere at once in the electric age is a fact of passive, rather than active, experience. Actively we are more likely to have this […]

  • Operator 11, Your Own Television Show

    Operator 11 has taken video sharing and webcasting to the next level. Whereas websites such as youtube, google video, myspace, and Facebook all allow you to upload and share videos this one allows you two additional features. The first difference can be spotted when you sign up and arrive at the profile page. Rather than […]