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  • Infomaniak K Drive, Swisscom Mycloud, Apple Icloud and Google Drive

    Infomaniak K Drive, Swisscom Mycloud, Apple Icloud and Google Drive

    Over the last two days, I have been playing with Infomaniak K Drive, Swisscom MyCloud, Apple iCloud and Google Drive. I settled for Swisscom Mycloud because backing up pictures is free with my current contract and it’s cheaper than two terabytes with Apple iCloud. It’s free. Infomaniak K drive is interesting because you can back […]

  • 13 Minutes to the Moon

    13 Minutes to the Moon is an interesting podcast dedicated to the Lunar Landings. This podcast, along with audiobooks, is interesting because they allow us not just to read the dialogues that took place but to hear what the controllers and astronauts heard. At one point in Episode two, you hear two communications loops at […]

  • The best edit suite is the one you have with you.

    The best edit suite is the one you have with you.

    You remember the old saying. The best camera is the one that you have with you. Today the same can be said about “edit suites” that you carry in your trousers or jacket pocket. I’m speaking of edit suites that work with your iphone or ipad. Lumafusion is one such example.  It differs from other […]

  • A theoretical Seven Minute Workout a day

    Seven Minute Workout for 36 days For about six weeks I have been trying to do at least one seven-minute workout every single day. I eventually fell out of the habit for a few days because I had to fight a little virus. I’m feeling better again. Time to see if I can beat my […]

  • The Suunto Spartan Wrist HR

    The Suunto Spartan Wrist HR

    Suunto Spartan Wrist HR My latest Suunto device is the Suunto Spartan Wrist Hr. This is a practical device that finally includes two features that I really wanted to see in a suunto device. The first of these is the Wrist heart rate monitor function and the second is a step counter that tracks physical effort […]

  • Your own Waze driving directions

    Your own Waze driving directions

    Your own Waze driving directions You can now record your own Waze driving directions. Instead of using pre-determined voices you can record a number of pre-determined phrases and use them for when you are driving. Recording and using your recording is easy. Setting it up In the settings menu go to voice directions, click on […]

  • Clean Water for Hikes and cycling, without the weight

    Clean water is important to have when you’re cycling, hiking or climbing in summer but the issue is that it is heavy. When I go cycling I go with just one flask and I fill up the water bottle when I get to fountains that are marked as safe to drink from. When I go […]

  • My first Wehike Hike

    My first Wehike Hike

    Wehike is a website dedicated to find people with whom to hike. People can contribute hikes to wehike and then they or other people can organise events based on the hike information. This includes a GPX file and images. At the moment this site is in beta so they are looking for user feedback. At […]



    I have logged 799 activities with my Suunto devices. This includes hikes, via ferrata, climbing, swimming and scuba diving. I like Suunto devices because their battery life is good enough to last through entire days of hiking and the battery lasts for weeks between charges when used as a simple watch. I like to track […]

  • The Gopro Hero 5 karma advert is aspirational

    I love sports and I love the outdoors. I really like snowboarding when the conditions are good and when there are few people. I love to climb, to hike and to do via ferrata. Last year during a film festival I was invited to try Paragliding for free and the flight lasted 45 minutes. In […]