An Entire Day Of Rain

An Entire Day Of Rain

Due to the lack of rain for a few years, and the lack of opportunities to socialise through sporting activities, I look forward to rain. Yesterday we were lucky. We got an entire day’s worth of rain. I didn’t leave the flat for the entire day and I still slept fine.

Just a few days ago the daily average for new infections per day was 103 per day but it climbed up to 134 or so today. The R-Index went from 0.7 to 1.14 nationally and across Europe the number of new cases is going up again. Governments and civil society don’t mind. If they did then they would put their masks back on and they would continue self-isolating. I see the opposite happening. Regions in Spain that had been green, and relatively clear of infection, are now red. Nightclubs have had to close.

There is a part of me that thought, This pandemic will be one for the history books, and future generations will study it. We didn’t study the Spanish Flu/Influenza. We studied the war, but we never took a real look at the pandemic. Is that because we didn’t care, is it because people wanted to forget it, because it’s within the context of the second world war or is it because the disease does not capture the imagination like Ebola or the plague do?

If you took out the human element, then this pandemic is really simple to eradicate. For the plague you need to get rid of rats, fleas, bacteria in fleas, clothing and plenty of other places where the fleas and bacteria can hide. In the case of COVID-19 an open window and a draft will keep people relatively safe. If people around the world could simultaneously self-isolate properly for two months, the pandemic would be over. We are now many months away from any hopes of the pandemic being over.

I was happy to see that people at the World Health Organisation have the same message as I had. It helped me feel that my views and opinions are justified, rather than just thoughts by an ordinary person. I found the tweets encouraging. I often question why I am certain about my perception of the issue, and to have people at the WHO say something similar was encouraging.

Now we wait, to see when the next lockdown is implemented. I think it could be sooner than anticipated, in the current circumstances.

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