Recycling Without A Mask

Recycling Without A Mask

Yesterday I went to recycle. Two weeks ago when I went, everyone was wearing a mask. Yesterday when I went all the masks are gone. I was the only person wearing one. Within the last day or two the Swiss government has told people that they can walk around without a mask, and enjoy summer. They said this at the same time as there was an increase of new COVID-19 cases. Today the number of new infections has clearly started to rise. This is true of England, France, Spain and other countries.

European leaders decided to relax COVID restrictions just at the time when countries like Switzerland were getting within easy reach of COVID-zero. COVID-zero would mean zero infections for two weeks in a row. This would give us back real freedoms. Unfortunately, the Swiss government, and others, do not care about eradicating the disease. They care about not being booted out of power.

On the RTS website, written in French they wrote that the Delta variant is increasing quite strongly.

After weeks of new cases per day dropping the number of new cases has started to increase again.
WHO information about the increase in new cases globally and by region.

For weeks now I have been tweeting the pandemic isn’t over, as I see people behave as if it was. It is frustrating to see how people feel that the pandemic can be turned off from one day to the next. Maria Van Kerkhove tweeted: The Pandemic is not over, Be Smart, Play safe.

The pandemic, that I thought would be over in June 2020 is alive and well in July 2021 and people, who could have learned lessons from the last 470 days of pandemic seemed to have learned nothing. Add to this that governments are not bothered with eradicating the virus, and we are in a bizarre scenario, where people falling sick is acceptable. We are in an absurd scenario.

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