Month: February 2022

  • Smart Watches – Dumb Habits

    Smart Watches – Dumb Habits

    When I wore Casio digital watches, Suunto Dive computers, Suunto GPS watches and other wrist wathces I was happy. You wore it and it tracked what you wanted it to track, from walks, to dives, to altitude changes, weather and more. With the Apple watch a new age emerged. The age of the Digital Watch […]

  • Twitter: The Rise of the Personal Question That Isn’t

    Recently I have noticed individuals tweeting as if they were people, asking questions and getting 120 or more comments. They ask a question like “What was your first OS” or “What is your current setup” or other questions. These are generic questions that everyone has an answer to, so everyone answers to them. Those answering […]

  • Wearing a Dumb Watch Or a Classic

    Wearing a Dumb Watch Or a Classic

    Before the pandemic I liked to track sports, whether walking, indoor climbing, cycling, walking or more. I have tracked sports activities for two to three years at this point. I think I have almost 3000 tracked activities. That’s tracking my walks and more almost every day for at least ten years. Recently the English, Swiss, […]

  • A 2000 Year old Greek Mosaic in Turkey

    A 2000 Year old Greek Mosaic in Turkey

    I like archeological twitter because it shows us curiousities every day of the week, several times a day. I like the image of the mosaic below because you see that it was quite deep, and hidden. Imagine digging down and coming across such a sight and site. More info

  • Coastal Erosion and Archeology

    Coastal Erosion and Archeology

  • Initial Thoughts on the DJI Mini SE

    Today I went for my first flight with the DJI Mini SE and it feels very familiar, after flying a spark so frequently, until I crashed that drone. I would have replaced the spark but I didn’t because it would either cost two thirds to replace the old one, or cost a lot to buy […]

  • Vineyard Mosaic In Italy

    A few years ago we read about a vineyard where people had been digging. They discovered a vineyard that was well preserved. At least with a vineyard above there is no chance of a plow or other tool damaging the mosaic.

  • Funerary Relief – Colourised

    When we have seen hundreds of statues and other objects over the decades of our lives, it is easy to assume that statues and other objects are just statues, that they have no colour, but of course they did. What was just a relief becomes a 3d painting after colour is added. It brings sculptures […]

  • The Romans in Croatia

    When you walk in specific European cities you find that history is either very visible, or hidden just beneath the surface. In Rome and other places, every time someone digs they find ruins. As in the images below we see that the same is true, in this instance of Hvar, in Croatia. Imagine how many […]

  • A Gladiator Mosaic at Santa Maria Nova

    I have walked more than once along the Via Appia but I don’t remember seeing this mosaic. It shows a gladiator with a trident. The name of a gladiator equipped in this manner is Retiarius. Next time you are on the Appian Way consider visiting this Roman Villa, along with the various catacombs.