Month: February 2022

  • A Lebanese Mosaic

  • Spoonley Wood Roman Villa and Mosaic

    Roman remains may be found and excavated but sometimes nature reclaims them. These ruins were discovered in 1882 but nature returned and hid them safely away again. Such tweets should inspire archeological departments, and film and TV or BA Media Studies to document the process of re-excavating these ruins, with photogrammetry and other modern tech […]

  • An Interesting Structure In the Mouth of a Cavern.

    I find the image in this tweet interesting. I don’t know the context of this location. I find the wooden building interesting. I also find it interesting to see the lighter patch around where the chimney exhausts. It is something out of the ordinary and could be interesting to see in person. To find out […]

  • Scotland’s Roman Wall – Tweet

    When I started writing about the Roman civilisation in the summer of 1996 content was still new on the web. Wikipedia didn’t exist and we still relied on books and encyclopedias. We still had to visit ruins and more. Today the web has matured to such an extent that you can find tweets about the […]

  • Cramond Tower in Scotland – Corner of a Roman Fort

    Cramond tower which sits on the corner of a Roman fort. Located in Cramond village, just outside Edinburgh, the tower reuses much of the stone from the fort #Roman #archaeology #scotland — Roman Scotland (@RomanScotland) February 12, 2022

  • Twitter is Down

  • On The Desire To Change Career

    On The Desire To Change Career

    If I had been smart I would have changed career path around 2006-2007 when I was in London surrounded by entrepreneurs and web developers, rather than now during a pandemic. Normally I struggle to find new contracts because of two things. The first is that for camera and editing work there are very few opportunities […]

  • A Home Made Valor Hot Chocolate

    A Home Made Valor Hot Chocolate

    There is a high probability that I will regret putting paprika into the hot chocolate that I prepared for myself. It says to use four squares per 200ml but I used just six for 500ml. I let it warm up and melt the chocolate for the most part before adding some paprika, to make a […]

  • Become A JavaScript Developer Completed and GeoJSON

    Become A JavaScript Developer Completed and GeoJSON

    We’re in a pandemic, and it makes sense to invest time in learning. I completed the Become a JavaScript Developer course last night and today I played around with some code to see if it worked for what I wanted. It didn’t. I also listened to a live stream which discussed geojson, smapshot and other […]

  • Nordic walking for a change

    Nordic walking for a change

    Sometimes we need change in life.