Month: March 2015

  • Pride and media consumption

    I enjoyed reading the Unbearable Lightness of Being so much that I read every book by Milan Kundera. I also read every book by Albert Camus because I enjoyed reading La Peste so much. Laura M. Holson wrote an article about “Unplugging without FOMO” which I skimmed after someone on twitter commented on twitter that  and […]

  • Inner Life of A Cell

    Sometimes people share interesting videos as animated gifs. When I see these interesting videos I quickly google the search term and find the complete video. I then share it.

  • Setting up Chromecast

    Setting up Chromecast takes four steps 1. Plug it in 2. Connect to chromecast wifi 3 type appropriate wifi password for home network 4. wait as chromecast updates Now you can use it from your devices. It’s like setting up a gopro camera. If you’ve managed that you can do this-

  • Lufthansa – Total Solar Eclipse – Watch From the Stratosphere

    A Lufthansa flight took a detour over Iceland so that passengers would pass in the shade of the total Eclipse.

  • Headline rating app to encourage useful headline writing.

    In future I would like an application or social network that allows me to rate headlines according to whether they are sensationalist, informative, emotional informative or other. The aim of this network or app would be to discourage article writers from re-using the same phrases over and over. It would encourage writers rather than marketers […]

  • Social media, loneliness and isolation.

    “The pathology of social media is all about loneliness” Social media professionals take the weekend off. Twitter users use hashtags so that their content can be found without being followed. Everything is turned towards discoverability rather than commitment and conversation. Social media practitioners know that people aren’t listening attentively so they repeat and repeat in […]

  • An Air France advert with swings

    I would have enjoyed working on this. I’d have played on the swings in between takes.

  • The Solar Eclipse as seen from the Vaud Countryside

    Solar Eclipse 2015 from Mainvision on Vimeo. Eventually the clouds blocked it.

  • Audible books and Kindle Unlimited

    This year I have set myself the goal of reading 30 books. I am currently on track to reaching that goal. Most of my reading material comes from two sources. and What I like about reading books via is the freedom it gives me to do something at the same time as people are […]

  • The apple watch will put no one out to pasture. Have you seen how many people from my generation can’t even read books on a kindle? What will put the web out to pasture is the tabloid/gossip magazine style of writing. Too many mainstream media hubs and blogging platforms write for the clueless and emotional […]