Twitter is broken and I want an alternative

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Twitter is a great idea poorly executed as a result of which I wish there was an alternative. It’s a chatroom that can be used on multiple platform which is what makes it so interesting. The managment however have decided to cancel Api support, or at least throttle it. As a result of this conversation is floundering.
As a result of this action twitter has become notoriously unreliable and people are no longer able to keep up to date with what people are doing quite as easily. This has resulted in many of my favourite tweeters being far more quiet. Others have felt the need to leave the service.

I would love an alternative to help me keep a constant wave of consciousness of what friends are doing. The 140 character model is good. It’s a very efficient way of dealing with information. We’ve got many alternatives but none are conversational yet.

I love the conversations and how you overhear so many things. I would pay for an alternative that has a far more stable track record. Give me that alternative.

I’m disappointed not angry.  There’s a really good product there but it’s so badly implemented I’m losing interest in twitter.

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