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  • High Winds And A Skipped Walk

    High Winds And A Skipped Walk

    There is a cold wind blowing today so I skipped my daily walk. I can dress for the weather and I am usually fine. Today I simply decided to miss my daily walk. I believe that walking whatever the weather, whatever the wind, and whatever the precipitation is good. I also believe that it fatigues […]

  • A Cold Walk In The Wind

    A Cold Walk In The Wind

    Today I went for a cold walk in the wind. The wind was blowing from west to East so for at least half of the walk I had it in my face. This was a good day to wear a cagoule and to wear the face mask, even when people were not around. The windchill […]

  • A Windy Day In Geneva

    A Windy Day In Geneva

    They announced that it would be windy today and it is. Windy days are fun because the lake goes from blue or green to English Breakfast tea brown. The waves crash against the walls and spray the promenade that goes from the Pont Du Mont Blanc to the Jardin Anglais. For now it’s getting things […]

  • A Sea-like Lake

    A Sea-like Lake

    In the middle of summer you may go sailing on the lake and find that there is no, or very little wind. On such days you may spend long periods of time hoping for the wind to pick up and get from point A to point B. On other days the lake looks like in […]

  • Spring and summer are playing with us

    Spring and summer are playing with us

    Spring and Summer are playing with us. A few weeks ago it was warm and sunny. It felt as if summer was finally here and that we could start planning outdoor activities that don’t require enormous amounts of fossil fuels, like skiing and snowboarding do. 😉 We had the rain and the cold and when […]