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  • SMS no longer exist for me

    I saw a tweet saying that Americans now send twice as many text messages as Europeans and this makes me think of just one thing. It’s obsolete. What I mean by that is that now that I have a data plan and skype and gtalk on my phone I refuse to send sms which I […]

  • The twitter back channels

    Twitter is one of those places that takes some time to get the hang of but once you do it’s going to suck you in and won’t spit you out till you’re exhausted. It’s a little bit like seesmic except that in this case you don’t look like you’re so in love with your computer […]

  • The Francofous Seesmic Skype call

    There are two communities on Seesmic, those that are English speakers and those that are French speakers. The French speaking seesmicers can be recognized by two things. The first one is the Racoon avatar, the second is that they refer to each other as the Francofous, the crazy french. Last night Seesmic went down due […]

  • Skype through a mobile phone

    I just ran a test and skype with my mobile phone works fine. It means that when in range of open wifi hotspots without restrictions I can take advantage of free phone calls.

  • Skype on a mobile phone

    I have just installed skype on my mobile phone and have yet to test it. it’s wifi enabled phone which means that anywhere there’s a hotspot I should be able to make phone calls via skype. it’s going to be fun to chat with people without paying for the connection.