15,000 tweets and still going strong

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I was going to dedicate my 15,000th tweet to Maggieconv, AmandaGravel, Starrgazr, Shanzan and a few other twitter friends but Shanzan won the price. She said goodnight and as a result my 15,000th tweet was dedicated to her.

If you’ve got any questions about how to use twitter just let me know and I should be able to help. I’ve been spending enough time on the site to give recommendations on how to use it as well as to it’s purpose.






3 responses to “15,000 tweets and still going strong”

  1. Rox avatar

    This accomplishment begs for a new type of institution to house it in but you are so deliciously un-institutional that I will simply say “Hurray!”

  2. Amanda Gravel avatar

    Congrats on 15,000 tweets! I’m flattered that I was one of the contenders for the dedication. Maybe you can dedicate your 30,000th tweet to me 😀

    Well done, Richard!

  3. Tracy Lee avatar

    Wow, I just found this. Thanks for thinking of me and sorry I'm getting here so late. I hope things are going well for you. I'm sure you are way past this number and more by now. 🙂

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