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  • On Whether I Prefer Vanilla JavaScript or Frameworks?

    On Whether I Prefer Vanilla JavaScript or Frameworks?

    Today someone on twitter asked this question, and rather than be reply: 320 of 10,000, I chose to write a blog post about it. The TLDR answer is Vanilla JS because if you learn how it works without the help of a framework you understand the language. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have an […]

  • Trying To Read Nested Data From a JSON File

    Over the last two evenings I have been attempting to read nested data. I have tried to parse the data and other methods but without success. I have browsed the web to try to find solutions but for now I am getting stuck. Learning is also about trial and error, and knowing where to find […]

  • Reviewing EcmaScript 6

    Reviewing EcmaScript 6

    Recently I have spent time focusing on JavaScript and EcmaScript to make sure that I understand it. By now it is over a year ago since I felt that I wanted to study Angular but felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge to resolve the challenges so I decided to return to basics. My return […]

  • Yet Another Sunny Day

    Yet Another Sunny Day

    As I looked straight down from a bridge today I noticed that the river is so low that the river bed has become bone dry in places. In other places you see that the gress is turning yellow. When tractors tend to the fields you see that they are stirring up clouds of dust. It […]

  • Learning To Code By Building CMSs

    Learning To Code By Building CMSs

    It’s easy to use Facebook or other CMS every day without thinking about how the code works. This summer I have coded two CMS using Linkedin Learning. One of these CMS was running with PHP and MySQL and the other was running with Ruby On Rails and MySQL. The PHP CMS In the process I […]

  • Playing With Grasshopper

    Playing With Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is a Google app to teach adults and children about Javascript. It provides people with short, easy to understand modules to get a grasshopper to do things. The curriculum is divided into seven modules. These are: Fundamentals Fundamentals II Intro to Interviewing Array Methods Animations Animations II Using a Code Editor Intro To Webpages […]

  • Day 59 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Thunder As I Got Home

    Day 59 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Thunder As I Got Home

    For once I walked in the drizzle, rather than the rain but I could hear thunder as I got home. I have almost reading Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home during this walk. Poetically I was listening to her about walking with a storm on its way whilst a storm was thundering over the Jura. The […]