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  • A Happy Pan – When Oil Smiled

    A Happy Pan – When Oil Smiled

    Yesterday I had a happy pan, when the oil smiled at me. I didn’t intend for it to become a smiley face. I poured in the oil as I always do before cooking. That’s when my imagination thought it saw something. Yep, a face. I was amused enough, and I thought that my imagination was […]

  • Blobs in Geneva

    Blobs in Geneva

    Today I walked around Geneva and in at least three locations I spotted these blobs guarding various places. These two are guarding the entrance to the old town. I like the contrast between the modern blobs above the gate to the old town of Geneva and the statue of Pictet De Richemond. Two more of […]

  • Four Practical Jokes to Play in a bunker

    Four Practical Jokes to Play in a bunker

    Sock on the door In US films a sock or other object on a door handle implies that there are two or more people enjoying bedroom sports. As a couple were in one room I took the opportunity of speaking about doing this joke and then doing it. It’s harmless fun in an original context. […]

  • For a laugh – The EEE PC and a dell desktop keyboard

    I really enjoy using the EEE PC but there is one tiny flaw, the keyboard is to small to do any real typing. That’s why when I got home I plugged in a spare keyboard and mouse from a desktop and started to type. It works really well. No problems detecting the keyboard or anything. […]

  • It’s Like A Night Out In The Savannah

    Nights in halls are like nights out in the Savannah. Since the drunk party sound coming through walls is a given that’s the sound of crickets and frogs. It’s constantly there and theoretically you should eventually learn to sleep through it over time. Of course it’s not quite constant enough. Then you’ve got the sound […]

  • A funny day

    I found today quite entertaining. I went out and noticed that it was a little windy. Later on, I was heading towards the student bar only to find that it was closed due to windows being blown in. “Oh well”, I thought “time to do something different”. I walked across the street, the name given […]