A Happy Pan – When Oil Smiled

By | 12 October 2021

Yesterday I had a happy pan, when the oil smiled at me. I didn’t intend for it to become a smiley face. I poured in the oil as I always do before cooking. That’s when my imagination thought it saw something. Yep, a face. I was amused enough, and I thought that my imagination was seeing something clear enough for others to recognise, so I took pictures.

A smiley face made of oil
A smiley face made of oil

This face came too early. If I had seen this on Halloween then it would have been perfect. This is a demonstration of how chaos theory can make anything happen. Alternatively if enough monkeys like me pour oil into pans we eventually get a face. People like this cooking oil. Five people have told me that they like this brand of Greek oil.

In other news Google says that I have travelled 3700 kilometres this year, between walking, cycling and the car. I think that most of it was by foot though. This is day 285 of 2021. 3700 / 285 came to around 13 kilometres a day. I think this proves how local our lives have become during this pandemic. 13 kilometres is easy to walk in a day, especially at a conference or other event, but also when walking to and from work, for some, or daily walks for other. My first reaction had been “how did I manage that, this must be wrong. Upon reflection, this seems correct.

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