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  • Thoughts on The Google IT Support Course

    I am currently studying the Google IT Support Course. I am familiar with many of the topics and I have used many of the tools discussed. What the course offers, and the reason for which it has so much value, is that fills my knowledge gaps. One example of this is the TCP/IP model. Until […]

  • Playing With Grasshopper

    Playing With Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is a Google app to teach adults and children about Javascript. It provides people with short, easy to understand modules to get a grasshopper to do things. The curriculum is divided into seven modules. These are: Fundamentals Fundamentals II Intro to Interviewing Array Methods Animations Animations II Using a Code Editor Intro To Webpages […]

  • Google Arts & Culture

    Google Arts & Culture App Google Arts & Culture is an app that allows people to look at Arts and culture from around the world easily and intuitively. This app allows you to learn more about arts and culture based on your current location as well as by topic, art medium and more. With this […]

  • Google Local Guides and I

    Google Local Guides and I

    Google Local Guides and I are mutually beneficial. I love to go up to the mountains and document their beauty and Google Local Guides needs images and reviews. I have been sharing images with Google Services for several years but it Google Local Guides is relatively recent. When I was added to the program they […]

  • The Demise of Google reader

    Google Reader was a great tool because it made gathering and sharing content from specific sources intuitive and easy. It provided us with one place from which to do most things. Today Google have announced that they are pulling the plug on Google reader. In my eyes Google reader had become obsolete four years ago. […]

  • Instant translation with Google Chrome

    One of the best features of google chrome at the moment is it’s instant translation function. The idea is simple. You surf to a page, it automaticaly detects the language and then presents the content in a language you understand. With such a feature the advantage is that it opens up a whole new batch […]

  • Google Latitude and Automatic stalking for only your closest friends

    Google latitude is the perfect tool for anyone that works and has a life where logging into locations would be an unsightly thing to do. By that I mean that you can’t arrive at work and log into the location. It gives colleagues the impression you are not serious about your work. Now take this […]

  • Podcasts on the Android

    For three days now I have been listening to podcasts on the Nexus one using Listen. It is a podcast app that allows you to subscribe to and download podcasts from the comfort of the mobile device. What I like about this app is the ease with which you can select which podcasts to listen […]

  • Buzz buzz buzz

    Google thinks it’s a bee. That’s why they have the new service google buzz. I spent some time looking at it and it makes me think of jaiku, friendfeed and other services all combined into one. It’s threaded conversations and status messages based on geo-tagged conversation triggers. It has a good interface with google reader […]

  • Yet another reason to love Google Latitude

    Yesterday I met a friend in geneva. The one that uses Google Latitude. I used my mobile phone to see where he was and just using cell towers I got a pretty good fix on where he was, within just a few hundred meters. When I called him to get a more accurate fix, i.e. […]