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  • My Lack Of Interest In the Apple Watch Ultra

    My Lack Of Interest In the Apple Watch Ultra

    I see people are training for ultrarunning events, scuba diving and more with the Apple Watch Ulta, but I feel no interest in such a watch. The first reason for my lack of interest is that the watch is stupidly expensive for something that lasts just 30 hours on a single charge. I would expect […]

  • An Easier Run

    An Easier Run

    Since the start of the year I have been running regularly. Yesterday I went for a run and I found it easiser than other runs. It might be thanks to the audiobook, on the one hand, and to consistent training on the other. I am not pushing hard. The training program is a 5k programme […]

  • Running Again

    Running Again

    At the start of this year I started running again. This wasn’t a new year’s resolution. I just decided that I wanted to start running, so I did. For five years I have been walking around in circles. Some take me above the A1 motorway and others take me below it. The walks are all […]

  • Getting Back Into Running

    Getting Back Into Running

    I am getting back into running at the moment. I have run several times recently, irregularly enough not to feel pain in my knees or other articulations so this is a good sign. The advantage of running, over other sports, is that it’s easy to catch a bus, car, train, parapente or other form of […]

  • A Frosty Morning

    A Frosty Morning

    Despite having a frosty morning today I still decided to go for a run in the morning rather than the afternoon. I mention the frost because I noticed that one velux had the usual frost fractals but the others were clear. This is curious. I wore a thermal layer, a fleece, a t-shirt and some […]

  • Rest and Recovery Apps

    Rest and Recovery Apps

    Either you can buy a collection of casios that each have different functions or you can download apps that have a niche purpose. I have been playing with Gentler Streak and Training day. One looks at heart rate and training. The second looks at resting heart rate and heart rate recovery. According to the Gentler […]

  • An Outdoor Workout

    An Outdoor Workout

    We are in the middle of a pandemic and governments see no urgent reason to end it by rational means like soft lockdowns. As a result of this we can pay 1100 CHF per year to go to an indoor gym, rebreathing the same air as other people, using the same machines, and the same […]

  • An Adult Playground Near a Children’s Playground

    An Adult Playground Near a Children’s Playground

    When in Geneva we can easily walk by the lake, or through the city when we’re not looking after children but when we are walking might be more of a challenge. I am not looking after children in Geneva but as you might there is an opportunity here. You have a choice of machines to […]

  • Garmin Connect and the Daily Step Goal

    Garmin Connect and the Daily Step Goal

    Yesterday I took over 16,000 steps. Some of those steps were during a short run from Eysins to Nyon and the rest were during the walk around Nyon and back to Eysins. By the end of the day I had manage to accumulate the step goal of 15300 steps. With Fitbit and other activity trackers […]

  • Finger Strength and Climbing.

    Finger Strength and Climbing.

    The more often you boulder and climb, the stronger the muscles that pull the tendons to your fingers become, and the stronger those muscles become, the higher the grade of your climbs. Hand holds are not the rungs of a ladder or via ferrata. Sometimes you can use your entire hand but at other moments […]