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  • An Interminable Pandemic

    An Interminable Pandemic

    At the same time as the number of active strains of Covid-19 are increasing governments in England, Switzerland and other countries are pushing the narrative that this summer will be normal, that we may no longer need the Covid passes and other such news. We are at a point where there is discussion about lifting […]

  • A Flawed Approach To Ending A Pandemic

    A Flawed Approach To Ending A Pandemic

    Switzerland is currently following a flawed approach to ending a pandemic, because rather than taking a pro-active approach to preventing outbreaks in various communities across Switzerland they are doing the opposite. They are ignoring the problem until it flares up enough that they can no longer pretend to see it. Today the number of cases […]

  • Day Fifteen of ORCA in Switzerland – Pandemic Fatigue

    Day Fifteen of ORCA in Switzerland – Pandemic Fatigue

    Now that we’re in week 5 of self-isolation and Day fifteen of ORCA I am getting pandemic fatigue. As it’s Monday I could make the effort of going to the shops to get fresh food rather than deplete the reserves I have but my motivation is not there. It has come cold and windy and […]

  • Without Instilling Fear Fire Alarms Are deafening But No More.

    I’m suffering from complete apathy for fire alarms. I really hate them. I’ve been hearing idiots make noise till 3 am but thought that I could attempt sleeping. Wrong at 0340 AM there was noise, then for at least 20 minutes at four am. Now it’s 5:52 and I’m awake but this time due to […]

  • Day two of editing

    And there we have it. Day two of editing is over and we’re up to five minutes with a script that’s ready to be fleshed out by a variety of interviews. I love editing and whilst writing this I’m beginning to look forward to tomorrow’s editing. The problem is that I was getting a little […]