Day Fifteen of ORCA in Switzerland – Pandemic Fatigue

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Now that we’re in week 5 of self-isolation and Day fifteen of ORCA I am getting pandemic fatigue. As it’s Monday I could make the effort of going to the shops to get fresh food rather than deplete the reserves I have but my motivation is not there. It has come cold and windy and the rate of infection is still high. I expect that by the end of today Vaud will hit the three thousand case mark.

Yesterday I didn’t feel like watching television series, didn’t feel like listening to podcasts, didn’t feel like walking or studying German. It might just be because soup is the crappy lunch that I always thought it was. I will not be making the mistake of eating something so light.

It could also be due to walking 300 kilometres in a little less than a month. It was two or more hours of walking almost every day. Now I think being lazy is good, for my body to refresh and get ready for indoor cycling. At the beginning of the pandemic I wanted to cycle outdoors but as I broke my arm once I think it might not be worth the risk, however, low the probability is. Low temperatures and wind are good reasons to stay indoors.

In theory, Sunday was a rest day intellectually. I played more than two hours of Civ VI for the first time in months or even years. I did better this game, than I did in the last two or three attempts in precedent days. I managed to found a few cities and keep the barbarians under control.

Another reason for playing a computer game is that I don’t want to spend time on social media. A few days ago I thought that with the pandemic, and with people being trapped at home, people would return to socialising via Facebook and Twitter. Twitter and Facebook are still ghost towns where people share links as there are no conversations to join.

Although I titled this blog post Pandemic fatigue I do not believe that this is necessarily the case. I studied German in the morning, I wrote this blog post in the morning. I spent less time procrastinating than I did on other days and I looked for and applied to at least one job. By this notion, I’m making progress. I also thought about adding item six to my daily task list. Skim through at least ten Linkedin pages to see what opportunities exist.

In normal circumstances, this would be normal, but during a pandemic, where there is no timescale it is hard to plan for the future. We’re living a single day at a time. I saw a joke on Twitter about how March was long but that April will be even longer with an anime gif from groundhog day.

And now to get on with the post Meridien part of the day.





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