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Spring And Self Isolation

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Today I went for a walk and it felt warm enough for me to skip on wearing a layer. It was warm, around six degrees, and sunny. It felt like Spring, and it feels as though cycling could almost be considered. The cycling season is nice. I speak about cycling because I think that this year, like the last two, will be spent in self-isolation until we have zero new cases for two weeks in a row.

The Swiss government has today decided to start discussing the end of quarantine, masks, and more. The government, for the third summer in a row is making the same mistake as for the last two years. Reopening because they think it’s safe, allowing the virus to thrive, mutate, and then shutting down again. The routine never changes, because for some reason politicians are able to make the same mistake over and over, without consequences. They don’t get fired, and their contracts do get renewed. It’s a shame that we can’t all live in that distorted reality.

View of the Alps
View of the Alps

I decided to try Edelweiss tea and so far it’s fine. I don’t know if the Edelweiss has any taste or if it just a marketing gimmick to get us to try a different tea than usual. It’s easy to drink although I don’t know how to describe the taste. I will keep having it, to give a better explanation.

And Finally

I finished this course about developing for web performance and I recommend it. I found the topic about downloading google fonts and placing them on the web server where the site is hosted interesting. I also find imaginemin, squoosh and more interesting. Prefetch and preconnect are of interest because when you’re fetching content from another site, such as google fonts, or other, you can establish a connection to the relevant server, to save time, so that when the data is needed things have been prepared in advance.

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