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  • Ijustine, me and seesmic

    No face to face meeting but I appear in the seesmic plug by Ijustine for the Macbreak Episode . It’s quite amusing to see me in the same video clip as her 🙂

  • My thoughts on “If we are all amateurs, there are no experts.”

    Andrew Keen’s new book, The Cult of the Amateur is the latest addition to the Newsnight book club. In it, the author expresses his concern for the profligacy of online amateurism, spawned by the digital revolution. This, he feels, has had a destructive impact on our culture, economy, and values. Web 2.0 is a state […]

  • Ijustine and Laporte have demonstrated how to use twitter

    Karina Stenquist of Mobuzz tv is confused by the notion of twitter as anything other than a means by which to distribute brainfarts, a term used by a few people. Do you remember Swatch and Swatch time? The idea was to create a universal timekeeping format which would be the same around the world. If […]