High Winds And A Skipped Walk

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There is a cold wind blowing today so I skipped my daily walk. I can dress for the weather and I am usually fine. Today I simply decided to miss my daily walk. I believe that walking whatever the weather, whatever the wind, and whatever the precipitation is good. I also believe that it fatigues us. For this reason it makes sense, sometimes, to stay indoors, and focus on studying or spending money on things we don’t need.

Early Sunsets

One of the problems with winter, aside from cold weather and finding a valid excuse is short days. When days are short you spend daylight working towards your goals, and by the time you’re free to go out the sun has set. It sets at 1720 at the moment so a one and a half hour walk requires going at three in the afternoon at the latest. Today I missed the window of opportunity.


I finished a course on closures in JavaScript today and I played around with creating a function to convert from knots to kilometres an hour. The first version was simple and had no interactivity but the second version, by copying someone else’s code works. I always make sure to credit the source from which I am learning. The next topic will be JavaScript Classes.

Android and iOS

I revived my android phone and tried Google Pay and it works very well but then tried Android car play or whatever it is called and that worked badly. In fact it didn’t work, so I feel that unless I swap the car, or go for what could be an expensive car os upgrade I might as well stick with Apple despite not being enthused with the platform at the moment. I wish switching the two could be as easy as a dual boot computer or laptop. Choose one, or the other, and everything is smooth. Unfortunately you need to commit to one or the other.

Playing With Tweetdeck

Recently I grew tired of seeing tweets that fill the entire screen. Twitter is meant to be a microblogging platform, not FaceBook. One way to avoid seeing tweets that fill the entire screen is to use Tweetdeck.twitter.com. It allows you to see as many lists and columns as you want. You can use the number keys to change between views. I believe that the decision to design for mobile first is a mistake, in the current web landscape, but is worth exploring in another blog post.

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  1. Yep yep on the early sunset-daily walk problem, as I’m having it as well at the moment. I love to walk at least half an hour, at minimum, to get outside and get some exercise and open air, but these short winter days make it difficult. I’ve got a few goals/deadlines I’m working on at the moment, so I’m trying to meet daily targets to stay on track, and by the time I prioritize those to-dos, it’s typically just too darn dark for a walk. Unless, that is, I either want to walk in the cold-and-dark (I do not) or I want to walk and then come back not really motivated to get my work done (and at the moment, I don’t want that, either!).

    1. Last year I did walk in the dark, with a head lamp. I did see animal eyes staring back at me sometimes. It isn’t that pleasant. Normally I would use rain as an excuse not to walk but as it never rains I had to settle for a windy day.

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