Day 46 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Contemplating A Walk In The Rain

By richard | 30/04/2020

It’s raining hard today and I’m still contemplating a walk in the rain. It should allow for some different photographs than usual. If I go to the motorway then I can photograph the vortices of wind behind trucks dragging up water from the road.

If I go for my daily walk when it’s raining as hard as it is today I think It might make sense to wear shorts although I have no good option for my feet. My shoes would probably get soaked.

Imagine living in a van like Carly is doing at the moment. She’s in France where you need derogations to go outdoors to go shopping and do other things. She speaks about getting help from some of the locals for water and for the permission slip. It’s an interesting life to live.

In another parking, in France, a Seesmic friend’s daughter is weight training in a parking lot. I include the video mainly because she also posted her first video during the pandemic and it keeps in keeping with the theme of the first part of this blog post.

No mask yet.

Yesterday I tried going to the shops to see if I could find a mask but the queue to get in was too long so I skipped the shops and went today. I took 30 seconds to a minute looking to see if Coop sells face masks anywhere and the answer for the local one is “no”. You see people walking around with masks but a majority don’t so I assume that they are not easy to find. If they were everyone would wear them.

Number of new cases per Canton in Switzerland

The graphic above shows the number of new cases per day per Canton in Switzerland and we see that the graph is declining consistently over a period of weeks. This decline is due to people following recommendations properly, or at least us being lucky. It would seem that face masks are not essential for the virus to slow its rate of contamination.

Two days ago the fields were yellow with the petals of this flower. Yesterday they were green because rain made them fall to the soil.

He took me ? @brianasprinz

? original sound – austinsprinz

Musical interlude


‘Plus tôt’ by Canadian pianist Alexandra Stréliski ?? ##piano ##song ##over30 ##foryou ##foryoupage ##canadian ##canada ##music

? original sound – cathevedgeux

The rain has stopped so it’s time to attempt a walk.


who else feels this way? ##fyp ##runnerthings ##rain ##yay

? Bright – Echosmith

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