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Day 46 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Contemplating A Walk In The Rain

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It’s raining hard today and I’m still contemplating a walk in the rain. It should allow for some different photographs than usual. If I go to the motorway then I can photograph the vortices of wind behind trucks dragging up water from the road.

If I go for my daily walk when it’s raining as hard as it is today I think It might make sense to wear shorts although I have no good option for my feet. My shoes would probably get soaked.

Imagine like Carly is doing at the moment. She’s in France where you need derogations to go outdoors to go shopping and do other things. She speaks about getting help from some of the locals for water and for the permission slip. It’s an interesting life to live.

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What do you think you will take away from this experience of lockdown? . This was day 6 of confinement – it’s far away now but I’m still trying to keep the smile going strong! . We’re heading towards the beginning of the end now, in two weeks our restrictions will start to lift. For how long for? And to what extent? Who knows. But it’s the first sign of things to come. . At the start, the novelty of it all was entertaining, seeing everyone trying to adapt to be able to do their hobbies at home. Bouldering benches and tables, traversing stair cases, grass skiing….finding dry tooling routes around the van (in this case). . The level of entertainment gained from these things has started to drop off now and I’m just back to wanting to be able to go out and do the things I love for real. . But I love the smile on my face here and I know, once the world has healed and everything is back to normal, there will be some fond memories that I will look back on for the special experiences we have had and how it made us all grow as individuals. For good and bad reasons, this is a time we will never forget. . ? @mattgroom1 . . . . . #vanlife #chamonix #lockdown #smilemore #climbergirl #girlswhoclimb #alpinebabes #climbing_worldwide #climblikeagirl #climbingismypassion #mountainlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifeeurope #vanlifeideas #gymgirls #trainingmotivation #vanlifesociety #vanlifestyle #vanlifedreams #vanlifejournal #vanlifer #vandwelling #vandweller #homeiswhereyouparkit #vangirls #aiguilledumidi #alternativeliving

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