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Day 43 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Caught Outdoors During a Thunderstorm

The Jura on a Stormy Day

The Jura on a Stormy Day

Today I was caught outdoors during a thunderstorm but rather than run to shelter or rush home I continued taking a timelapse video of some flowers. According to the apps we were meant to get some rain at 1800 so I expected it to be short lived.

This didn’t stop my clothes or my bag from getting wet but I was wearing hiking trousers and I wasn’t worried about the shoes. I didn’t expect anything to be soaked through and I did prepare to run home if need be. By the time I was ready to run the rain was stopping so I took out the phone and waited, and tried to capture lightning.

Storms are beautiful so it’s worth staying outdoors and trying to capture them. As you can hear from the video above the storm was a safe distance away so there was no urgent need to run away.

I queued the second Instagram moment to show just the lightning but in the freeze-frame, you can see the ropes of rain coming down in specific areas. Rain is still falling now.


Before the storm came I went running for the first twenty five minutes. That’s the duration for one of the Running podcasts I listen to. It’s the third time I start my daily walk with a run and so far I am not suffering. I’m keeping the distance much shorter than I can handle because I really want my leg muscles to get acclimatised to this sport.

In the past I have had the bad habit of pushing beyond what they can handle and not enjoying the walk home. I still haven’t reverted to cycling. With the weather today it would not have made much sense.


I am no longer a lurker on TikTok. I have started posting content. I posted a few videos and the one below is the most recent. I had to shoot the sequence a second time because I have the professional habit of shooting 16:9 rather than 9:16. Getting used to vertical videos will take some getting used to.


##stayingsafe ##switzerland ##vaud

? In Your Eyes (feat. Alida) – Robin Schulz

When the pandemic is over we will look at the video below as a historical document of how life was during the pandemic.


##coronatime ##pandemic ##stayingsafe

? It’s Corona Time – Lil Cowboy

I will conclude this post by saying that it would seem that the Canton de Vaud is safer. In the last three days there have been two new cases. I’m not saying we’re out of the woods but we can start to see more of the sky. Children are once again allowed to see their grandparents in Switzerland.

And that’s it for today.

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