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  • As featured on Operator 11

    After a long but great day of work I came home to do The Twitter Vox show with Loudmouthman and two guests. We were joined by Goldie Katsu and Malburns. We discussed what it’s like to reach 3000 tweets and the conversation moved towards the advantages of using twitter when part of global communities like […]

  • New Site of Interest and Old Site To Avoid For A Few Days

    Once more facebook is down due to site maintenance and it’s making me think that it’s time to move onto another site for a number of days until they sort everything out. That’s where Tubemogul comes in, a video sharing website. Whilst it has hardly anything to do with Facebook Tubemogul is nonetheless an interesting […]

  • Not Enough Time

    As I went through my video archive I’ve found a lot of good videos. As a result of this, I’ve been reminded of many moments and memories. There are a few people I’ve seen frequently since the shooting of the footage whilst others have not been present for months or years in some cases. I […]

  • Digitising Old Videos

    I have spent a few hours this morning and part of this afternoon digitising videos from a few years ago and it’s a time warp. I have one or two fashion shows on tape. I have at least ten theatre pieces. I have two or three field weeks and I have the 2000 graduation trip […]

  • Swimming Birds

    The Planet Earth and Blue Planet documentaries have some amazing footage and some great sights. One of those greats sights is that which starts with birds sitting in the middle of the ocean because the wind is too weak for them to glide. You see the superpod of dolphins and a cluster of those dolphins […]

  • Information about my site

    Over the past twelve months over 28 gigs of data transfer have occured through 400,000 visitors and one and a half million hits. There have been 746 downloads of the Paddington station video as I write this. On youtube the same video has only had 30 views. This makes me happy because I see that […]

  • Why I am happy that youtube is being sued

    I am happy that youtube is being sued because out of the hundreds of video sharing websites out there it is the most devious. It has taken hundreds of hours of content produced at great expense by teams of professionals and offered them in poor quality for nothing on their site. To make it worse […]

  • Multicamera sound

    Yesterday sound was added to the multicamera in order to add more depth and it’s almost ready. there’s a little fine-tuning left before it’s ready for release. I’m not sure about the documentary because I took a break from it last night. Two days till the deadline.

  • The week is coming to an end

    The proposal is handed in, I’ve done some camera work for a multicamera production and now I’m waiting to walk through the halls. It’s been a productive day and the workload should increase over the next week when the multicamera for my group takes place.

  • Sunday afternoon

    Soon I may have internet access in my halls again and at that point the writing will begin again. it’s hard to be inspired in a library. On the positive side I’ve watched up to three new documentaries since last night so I’m wondering whether to look at the origins of french and English cinema. […]