Category: Documentary

  • Walking Merchandise – Child Trafficking and the Snakehead Trade

    An interesting documentary about Human trafficing.

  • Cascada

    Kayaking over waterfalls, camera operators hanging from ropes to get the shot. Spectacular images. CASCADA from NRS Films on Vimeo.

  • Richard, the Piano Tuner

    Richard from England Your England on Vimeo. An alternative way of living and paying off debt.

  • On advertising and how it has degraded the viewer’s experience

    Advertising and documentaries don’t mix and this is especially true in the US. When you have ad breaks every 5-10 minutes telling a story is impossible. You have to think of the people tuning in half way, and you need to think of those leaving after just one ad break. As a result of this […]

  • Swimming Birds

    The Planet Earth and Blue Planet documentaries have some amazing footage and some great sights. One of those greats sights is that which starts with birds sitting in the middle of the ocean because the wind is too weak for them to glide. You see the superpod of dolphins and a cluster of those dolphins […]

  • Multicamera sound

    Yesterday sound was added to the multicamera in order to add more depth and it’s almost ready. there’s a little fine-tuning left before it’s ready for release. I’m not sure about the documentary because I took a break from it last night. Two days till the deadline.

  • Sunday afternoon

    Soon I may have internet access in my halls again and at that point the writing will begin again. it’s hard to be inspired in a library. On the positive side I’ve watched up to three new documentaries since last night so I’m wondering whether to look at the origins of french and English cinema. […]

  • Nick Broomfield

    Yesterday I bought a series of six of Broomfield’s documentaries and I watched one of them today. Chicken Ranch is interesting because Broomfield lets the camera appear in shot, through mirrors and more. He also allows himself to appear, although only fleetingly, at least in this documentary. He makes observational documentaries and allows the viewer […]