A Walk In Spain

By | 3 December 2021
A yellow flower

We cannot always walk around in circles during a pandemic around where we live. I spent over a year walking around in circles near home in Switzerland but this Christmas I travelled.

I didn’t travel because I wanted to. I travelled because sometimes we need to see family. I also travelled to escape all of the Christmas rubbish in Switzerland.

We are in a pandemic. I haven’t socialised in over two years. If you want me to value Christmas give me a reason to celebrate it. Spending two years in pandemic solitude does nothing to enhance my indifference to Christmas.

I am safer in Spain than I would be in Switzerland. People wear masks in the street, and ffp2 masks at other times. The rate of vaccination is higher and the government stood up to populists. Children, at a young age wear masks. Switzerland saying that children do not want to wear masks is wrong, and shows cultural bias. England has the same problem.

I didn’t wear a mask as I passed people on the walk today but there was plenty of air around. The image you see as a thumbnail has Ibiza in the background. I think that on top of a cliff, in the afternoon, there is enough air to keep virus concentrations to a minimum, not that people on this walk, would make it if they felt bad.

I am demoralised by Switzerland and their indifference to the pandemic, the lack of effort to end it. With the current Swiss attitude the pandemic will last for decades. Migration could still be worthwhile. To a nation where health is valued rather than capital.

If I thought the pandemic had a chance of ending in Switzerland I wouldn’t have left. I would have stayed put. I stopped being like Rieux this year, by travelling twice. Why wait? Nothing will change until those in power are booted out by moral people.

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