A Drone flying over Hong Kong at night.

I ate lunch as I watched the footage of a drone flying over Hong Kong at night and at first I was confused as to whether the images were real or not. As you watch more of the video you see that everything is real. The depth of field is good and so is the exposure. There is no or very little noise from this being shot at night.

You see buildings, cars, traffic and more. You see things from above, others from the side and yet more from eye level. There is an interesting flight by an office building where we can look into the lit offices.

Another beautiful shot is the shot of the shipping containers that are on a shipping container as it sails. There are plenty of shots in this video to show that you can give time for images to breath. People will enjoy watching this video.

There are some atmospheric shots of Budapest. We begin with a drone flying over a tram as it makes its way across a bridge. We then see the city and a variety of landmarks and more. It’s an interesting video to watch in 4K.

A timelapse from the top of an ice breaker as it breaks through the ice is familiar. Less familiar is the moment when two ships are next to each other. Even less familiar is when The Icebreaker attaches itself to the stuck ship and pulls it back to freedom. It’s a scene that is unfamiliar to many of us.







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