Month: August 2019

  • Slalom Swimming

    Slalom Swimming

    Slalom Swimming isn’t talked about enough. Slalom swimming is the type of swimming you do when you’re one of the stronger swimmers but not the strongest. You’re going fast enough to overtake certain swimmers but too slow to keep up with others. As you overtake some swimmers you’re forced to swim to the side to […]

  • Forcing people to be active daily with Stories

    Forcing people to be active daily with Stories

    Facebook and Instagram both have “Stories”. Stories are temporary vertical pictures and video that are only available for a limited amount of time before they are backed up and saved for retrieval once you request your data. In theory, they are a fantastic way of sharing life as it happens without worrying about something embarrassing […]

  • The Social Media Reflex

    The Social Media Reflex

    This morning I uninstalled Facebook and Twitter because most of the tweets I saw were people complaining about things or posts that would fit perfectly as blog posts on a website. We have moved towards the Social Media reflex, rather than towards an open sharing habit. Before social media, we would have conversations on web […]

  • 134 days of Duolingo

    For 134 days I have been studying German as well as other languages every single day. In so doing my reading comprehension has gone up and I no longer become a “deer in the headlights” when someone asks me a question in Spanish. I was even able to understand the questions people asked, and able […]

  • The Phone Box library Walk

    The Phone Box library Walk

    If you’re looking for a reason to walk from one village to another the practise of using old phone boxes as free libraries are common in Switzerland. This means that if you’re shopping around for books in Switzerland you can either go to the shops and buy them with the car or you can go […]

  • On Breaking an arm and replacing climbing with swimming and cycling with walking

    On Breaking an arm and replacing climbing with swimming and cycling with walking

    A few weeks ago I broke my arm while cycling. I was indicating that I was turning right while breaking with my left hand and the brake blocked and the next thing I knew the bike was on top of me. I extricated myself from beneath the bike and dragged it to the side of […]