Month: January 2018

  • Google’s shift from narrow casting to broadcasting.

    Earlier this week Google decided that it would shift from subsidising narrowcasting content makers to favouring "broadcasters". This was demonstrated with their shift towards rewarding content creators with higher requirements. In order to be a youtube partner, you need people to have viewed 4000hrs worth of content and have over 1000 subscribers. A few years […]

  • Gutenburg WordPress plugin

    Gutenburg WordPress plugin

    The Gutenburg Press Plugin provides a new way to write blog posts. Rather than write as if a blog post was a single block of text it breaks it up into segments or "presses"  A few weeks ago a Gutenburg Press was brought to the Palais wilson and we had the opportunity to experiment with […]

  • A theoretical Seven Minute Workout a day

    Seven Minute Workout for 36 days For about six weeks I have been trying to do at least one seven-minute workout every single day. I eventually fell out of the habit for a few days because I had to fight a little virus. I’m feeling better again. Time to see if I can beat my […]

  • A book on Sleep and Sleep Tracking Apps

    Why We Sleep Sleep is something that we do almost every day and yet explore it only superficially. We either say “I should go to sleep” or “I wish I had slept longer”. Recently I read “Why We Sleep”. It’s an interesting book because it explores the topic in such depth. I learned that birds […]

  • Finding time for Long-Form Writing and Other Pursuits.

    Finding time for Long-Form Writing and Other Pursuits.

    Finding time for Long Form Writing This morning I read twenty percent of a book whilst sitting in the car waiting for shops to open. In the process I occasionally looked up to see private jets and airlines fly over me. A few years ago in the same situation I would have been staring at […]