Month: June 2010

  • Ten reasons to give up on twitter

    Once again I have deleted my twitter account. Here are ten reasons to give up on twitter. 1. Europe is neutral about the site. If you want friendships with people an ocean away join. 2. Whenever you want to post some technical problem means you have to post five times 3. If you have a […]

  • Worpdress update

    I have updated to the latest version of WordPress since yesterday morning and it is now running smoothly. I have made sharing of blog posts easier now.

  • Podcasts on the Android

    For three days now I have been listening to podcasts on the Nexus one using Listen. It is a podcast app that allows you to subscribe to and download podcasts from the comfort of the mobile device. What I like about this app is the ease with which you can select which podcasts to listen […]

  • Eurovision coverage of the FIFA World Cup

    If you are living within the European Broadcasting Union member countries you can access live footage of the FIFA World cup matches as well as highlights by going to EurovisionSports. Highlights are also included at the end of the individual games so that you may relive the highlights. There is also a Facebook page where […]

  • Vericorder and mobile video editing on the iphone

    Waiting for the iPhone4 to come out in the hope to do mobile video editing is not necessary. Vericorder have come out with an app for that. The app is a simple to use video, recording and voice over recording app that allows for video editing and distribution to be possible on the move. There […]

  • An open standards that works on one phone?

  • Yesterday evening at the Apple Store

    Yesterday after work I was meant to meet a friend in Geneva but after a phone call changed my mind. I decided instead to walk to the apple store. What I saw in the apple store was quite interesting. As you walk in, where you used to have iphones and macbooks on display you now […]