Month: June 2008

  • Euro 2008, the victorious nation of Spain Celebrate

    It’s a sunday night in Switzerland and I’m with some friends. Spain were playing Germany and won 1-0, a respectable score. I was there with the phone streaming the celebrations at the Geneva Fanzone in Plainpalais. Here are the clips Ten seconds from the end. Spanish Fans celebrate. Drumming atmosphere. Happy girls dancing and the […]

  • I’m not the only one.

    MG had noted that, after a week, Twitter seemed to realize that it was a problem that the replies still weren’t working, and was pointing people to Summize for a workaround. I said “I hate having to rely on the web version of Twitter, first of all, then having the reply tab bork, and THEN […]

  • No more twitter for a month

    Twitter is obviously never going to sort out it’s issues so from midnight today I will no longer be using the service during a month. I’ll be using all the other sites, just don’t feel like having my time wasted by twitter anymore. For all friends just continue interacting via all the services that have […]

  • 29,000 down, a thousand to go

  • When I commented on the twitter whale

  • Mobile spending

    Important for global marketers, mobile handsets are the dominant way people access the Web in many emerging markets, as it is far cheaper, says John Gauntt, senior analyst at digital ad tracker eMarketer. With a computer, “The cost of entry to get Internet access is about $1,200 for the PC and broadband; a mobile is […]

  • Piclens is fun

    Piclens is a plugin for Firefox and it’s great fun to use to look through hundreds to thousands of pictures and videos on youtube, facebook, flickr and many other sites. It’s worth playing with. piclens Other than that the threaded seesmic player is quite fun. You can follow full conversations and get a taste of […]

  • Fête de la Musique in Geneva

    People enjoying live music

  • Twitter purge no. 2

    As a frequent user of twitter following over 1000 people it’s impossile for me to keep up with everything that’s going on. That’s especially true now that I’m going out more often, working and summer is here. As a result of these factors I removed anyone that doesn’t @ me very often, doesn’t remind me […]

  • Seesmic fun