Month: July 2006

  • Two series of photographs of Concerts at paleo

    The Pixies at Paleo and Wampas, a group I knew nothing of until I went under the chapiteau and saw them performing.

  • The future of the media

    Over the next two weeks, I am working in part of what will become part of the new media landscape. I receive footage via satellite and edit short summaries to become video clips on the official site of the organisation. At the moment it’s not visible to the normal public but it is an interesting […]

  • La fête des collabos

    Here are some images from the party. I’m still in the process of uploading the images but the pages can be found at this location

  • The end of paleo and back to normal life

    For the past week I was at Paleo going from concert to concert during the first few days and gradually moving towards other activites. It’s good fun as it’s the most sociable time aorund this part of Switzerland. I took quite a few images which I have yet to upload. This should be done within […]